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Remembered Context

Remembered Context (2017)


     From 2014 to 2016 I began to amass photos which seemed to convey a method of describing setting instead of showing setting. Above, the bowl of marshmallows was my first moment when I realized that layering can be used to describe the greater context in which something is captured.
     This layering can be of objects, light, or time, hence a photo of a tree with leaves is an emblem of summer without us needing to be told it is summer. The meaning of photographed objects portrays context as much as any contextual photo does, it just forces that context to unfold in the viewer's mind. These little remembered contexts are key to my work, and decoding the layers is how they are read. The bowl of marshmallows betrays it's simplicity when scrutinized, the edges are warped from a glass plate, the tops are pressed, distorted, there is something more to something simple.